21 Jan 2020 - 23 Jan 2020 | Zaragoza, Spain
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21 Jan 2020 - 23 Jan 2020
Zaragoza, Spain

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FURNITURE 2020. Brokerage Event

Get in touch with potential new partners at the Furniture  Brokerage Event! Companies attending the Furniture Exhibition have an excellent opportunity to meet interesting professionals from all over the world at the brokerage event organised by the Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón / Enterprise Europe Network.

In these B2B sessions you will have 30 minute bilateral meetings with a variety of participants of your choice.

On January 2020, the Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition  has meant an authentic sectorial incentive, and in only ten years of history has set up in an epicenter between manufacturers, shops and distribution.

Why participate in brokerage event?

Many of the new interesting contacts during an exhibition happen by chance, either between an exhibitor and a visitor, or between two visitors. But how can you find them walking around on the exhibition floor and the conference? And how can you find out whether they might just be looking for someone like you?

The B2B brokerage event meetings offer all visitors, delegations and exhibitors the possibility to make the most of their attendance to an exhibition. These kind of events help you to meet a group of international people from different organizations over a short period of time. It is like a business ‘speed dating’, where in a 30 minute pre-scheduled meetings with other participants, you will quickly find out what you have in common.

In brief summary:

  • Attend the combination of an international fair, the conference and bilateral meetings.
  • Meet a wide variety of SMEs, a number of interesting manufacturers, distributor and importers, shops, decorators, interior designer...
  • Prepare and choose your meeting of your preference in advance.simply decline the request.
  • Be ready for your 30 minutes face to face meetings.

How to register?

  • Register for the B2B matchmaking sessions, via this website (button at right top of this page) and add contact data and your company information (in English) from your website.
  • Describe in your marketplace profile what contacts you are looking for.
  • Book the meetings that you are interested in and accept incoming bookings.
  • Come and join us the 21st and 24th to make your face to face meetings.

You will receive your meeting schedule a few days before the event.

We hope to see you at the FURNITURE 2020 Brokerage Event!


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Zaragoza, Spain

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